American Bonanza Gold Corp

Permits & Titles


The Copperstone property consists of 284 contiguous un-patented Federal mineral claims comprising 5,680 acres. The land is under the jurisdiction of the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

American Bonanza holds a 100% leasehold interest in the Copperstone Project. The landlord is The Patch Living Trust ("PLT") of Scottsdale, Arizona who owns the title to the 284 mineral claims.

The Patch Living Trust lease is for a 10 year term starting June 12, 1995 and was renewed on June 12, 2005. The lease is renewable by the Corporation for one or more ten-year terms at the Corporation's option under the same terms and conditions. The Corporation is obligated to pay for all permitting and state lease bonding, insurance, taxes, and to pay a sliding scale gross royalty.

The annual claim fees payable to the BLM are approximately US$30,000. An annual US$30,000 advance royalty is payable to PLT under the terms of the lease and is subject to a 1 percent production gross royalty so long as the price of gold in US dollars is less than US$350 per ounce (royalty increases to 6 percent as price of gold increases to over US$551 per ounce).

The Copperstone Mine is fully permitted as per the following timetable:

April 20 2011 The permit for the aquifer protection permit (the "APP") was issued by the Water Quality Division of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (the "ADEQ") as aquifer protection permit number P-106172.
Feb 15 2011 The air quality control permit ("AQP") for construction and mining was issued by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality ("ADEQ") as air quality control permit number 50890
Oct 25, 2010 United States Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management ("BLM") has issued the federal permits for mining at the 100% owned Copperstone gold mine in Arizona. The BLM's Decision Record is supported by the Proposed Reopening of the Copperstone Mine Environmental Assessment DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2010-0015-EA (the "EA"), and the Finding of No Significant Impact (the "FONSI").
Nov 2009 Copperstone Mine Plan of Operations was accepted as complete by the United States Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management ("BLM"). The BLM is the lead governmental agency with oversight of Bonanza's mining operations.