About Site

The blog: is the official blog for American Bonanza, Inc., a website geared towards the dissemination of information about Gold and the industry and business that goes with it.  The world market has its portion of interest in gold and this can be a rewarding endeavor for businesses and interested individual alike.  The demands for gold have increased yearly and the markets vary country to country.  We share our passion with keeping tabs with this market and how affects growth throughout different regions.  The discussion of this blog includes the shares of countries in demand and vaulting for the world market, policies that govern mining and production of gold, imports and exports, research and even prices.  The company through this website also advocates responsible mining, equal gold distribution and conflict free production of gold.  But this is not the only thing important to American Bonanza.  The site wants to help interested people in the gold industry, including how to do business and planning.  This includes marketing and management plans how to increase sales and designs in jewelry.


The founder:

Mark FlintA jeweler by family trade, Mark Flint inherited his family’s business of jewelry. He was able to expand the business by providing several branches in his local city.  He later went into partnership with several companies that produce and design jewelry. Today he leads a marketing and middle-man firm for this industry.  Mark hopes that his experiences can help others who are interested in this business.  HE also has a fascination for artifacts, which is reasonably connected to his business.  He also has an antique trading company whom he works with his wife and a few friends.   Come share the passion of the Flints. You may contact us at this link or visit us at 150 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 if you are near the bay area.