American Bonanza Gold Corp

Bulk Sample Programs

In 2001, to gain direct experience with the Fenelon Discovery Zone deposit, the then operator of the Project, International Taurus Resources Inc. carried out an open-pit bulk-sampling program on a portion of the Discovery Zone. The goals of this program were to confirm, through open-pit mining methods, the presence of significant high-grade gold at Fenelon; and to provide details of the geology, mining engineering and metallurgy of the deposit. The program results were very positive and all aspects of these goals were achieved. The exposures in the open pit revealed more mineralization than was evident from the drilling. The gold-bearing structures were found to be locally wider than anticipated and a new intermediate structure was located between the 1S and 2S veins.

In late 2002, Taurus initiated a feasibility study and a new, underground, test-mining program to expand the positive results of the earlier open pit bulk-sample program. New drilling had indicated a much larger zone of rock alteration and gold mineralization, which is similar to that of the bulk-sample area. Every drill hole within this zone intersected strong gold-related rock alteration or gold mineralization.

The study results supported a simpler mineral model than originally interpreted at Fenelon. Instead of a complex series of replacement zones, the mineralization appears to be controlled by several through-going parallel shear zones, which can be traced with drilling in the main Discovery Area for at least 200 metres along strike and for at least 250 metres in depth. These shear zones continue, and were found to be open along strike and to depth.

The underground test mining program mined approximately 8,300 tonnes of mineralized material, consisting of half stoped and half development rock. This high grade material was milled on a toll milling basis at the Camflo mill near Val-d'Or, Quebec. A total of 3,428 ounces of gold doré was shipped to the refinery. This produced approximately 2,596 ounces of gold, which correlates very well with pre-test mining resource estimates.